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Intruder Alarms

  • All types of intruder alarms worked on.
  • Services and maintenance on existing systems, even obsolete ones.
  • We can takeover your existing system, improve the service you receive and maybe even save you some money.
  • Upgrade your existing system to something more current.
  • All types of signalling from voice dialers to alarm receiving centre connections via Redcare, Redcare Secure, Dualcom, Digital Communicators, IP signalling.
  • Installation of new intruder alarms in domestic or commercial applications.
  • Large network based systems ideal for schools, colleges and places of work.


Any type of building can benefit from an intruder alarm. Listed below are a few examples for your consideration:






Industrial Units






Government Buildings




24 hour call out service

Our office is open between 8.30-17.00 but we also provide a 24 hour call out service covering an extensive range of over 100 different models of intruder alarm panels. This can be utilised by our existing customers and is extended to non-contracted customers who may have been left in a difficult situation through no fault of their own.


These customers may:

  • be suffering regular faults or activations
  • have moved into a property with an obsolete system for which parts are no longer available
  • simply need an emergency visit to initially silence a system so they may consider the next step possibly leading to a system upgrade.


As a helpful guide some of the most frustrating faults are listed below so if you are an alarm user and have experienced or are currently concerned that you may have one of the following situations then please call now on 07801 420881.


Faulty external siren (or bell box) - This can result in a runaway bell that can continue to sound on its own through a damaged cable, blown fuse or simply a faulty unit. Please call us now and we can usually rectify this for you within the 60 minute call out. If it cannot be rectified immediately, it can at least be silenced and a cost of a new siren provided.


Internal Fuse Blown - This can result in a lack of audible tones, an unresponsive keypad or the illuminations on the keypad failing altogether. This can often be associated with the faulty siren condition above. Again, a simple fix is available.


Battery leak or failure - This is usually due to a lack of maintenance and care over a period of time. Batteries do not just leak. It is often a condition which worsens over time where the cells in the lead acid batteries fail, the battery expands, cracks and then splits. A simple annual service check prevents this from happening and ensures that the system always has the necessary battery back up in the event of a mains failure. In most cases, the battery can simply be replaced but due to corrosion of the battery lead terminals, this can require new leads or possibly control panel replacement may be required.



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